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Manga 100

the 100 icons challenge for all things manga

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Parallel to icons100 and the like, this is a community that challenges LJ icon makers to create 100 icons for any manga series, character, pairings, or manga artist. The catch is, all 100 icons must be manga art. To learn more about the community and how it works, please refer below. Before joining the community, also take the time to read through the rules and regulations to avoid problems with the staff.

¤ A B O U T

Simply speaking, manga100 is a community open to all LJ users and icon makers, challenging them to make 100 icons based on any manga series, manga character, a manga pairing, or a manga artist. The only restriction for images is the sole usage of manga images. But other restrictions (such as time) are also implmented. Up for the challenge? Think you have the persistance be one of those who finish? Read the rules and join up!

How it works:
01. Join the community.

02. Check the claim list to see if your claim(s) have already been taken. If so, you must pick another that has not been taken. Then, post your claim(s) via a comment in the Claims List, and wait to be approved by one of the staff members via comment reply.

03. After approval, posting access will be granted, and you may begin posting.

04. Post your icons in batches throughout the course of the given time, see rules for specifications on time limits and number of icons per batch.

05. Once you've completed the challenge of making all 100 icons, post a comment in this post to let the staff know. Once we've looked it over and approved it, your 100 icons post will be added to the Hall of Fame list, and be presented with a lovely banner for proof. =D

¤ R U L E S

Violation of one or more regulations will result in disapproval of claim and voiding of all icons made for that particular instance. So please adhere to them.

♥ All 100 icons must feature manga art. No fanart, no anime, no CG, and no doujinshi (unless it's by the same manga artist and is geared towards manga art rather than anime art).

♥ Claims can only be of a manga series, a manga character of a series, a manga pairing, or a manga artist. If you choose to claim a manga artist, you may create icons using multiple series, provided that all of the series or manga art you use are created and/or illustrated by this manga artist.

♥ Once a claim has been approved, you have 1 week to post your first batch of icons. One week starting from when the staff member posted the approval post. Your first batch of icons must contain at least 5 icons.

♥ After the first batch of icons, you have 3 months to complete the rest. For the rest of the batches, post at least 1 icon per batch. If, after 3 months (starting from the day a staff member approves your claim), you do not have the entire 100 icons posted, your claim will be opened up again for claiming and your name will be taken off of the claimed list. A reminder post will be made by the staff around the beginning of each month, detailing whose icons are due in that month.

♥ You can claim up to 2 subjects, provided they are not of the same category (i.e., you cannot do two manga series, two manga characters, or two pairings - you may do a manga series and a manga character, or any other combination of the 4 categories). You will be given the same amount of time to do both (i.e. 10 icons within the first week and 3 months total to make all of the icons), so if you think you are insane enough or have too much time, feel free to sign up. =P

♥ There will be 50 words chosen by staff (listed below), and 50 artist's choice words - you come up with them. All of the words can be interpreted in any way you'd like, as long as it's not a big stretch in meaning.

♥ Please place all icon posts behind an lj-cut to reduce loading times. If applicable, place warnings for non-work/child-safe material. Do NOT post offensive material such as pornography. Yaoi and yuri are allowed, but keep it tasteful and apply warnings where appropriate. If you have questions as to how much is too much, comment in the FAQ post with examples.

♥ For the 50 artist's words that you come up with, please try to deviate them from the 50 already chosen. For example, if "sad" is one of the 50 theme words, don't select "sorrow" as one of your own words. If one of the words is "flowers," don't use "tulips" as one of your words.

IMPORTANT - Icon posting format

When you're ready to post your batch of icons, the following format must be followed. For convenience's sake, you can simply copy and paste the following in your post.

Subject: (series, character, pairing names, or manga artist)
Icon batch count: (how many icons in this batch)
Total Icons count: x/100 (replace "x" with the number of icons you have completed so far)
Original Icon Post: (link to the post where you will have all 100 icons shown)
Credit: (for images especially, brushes, textures, etc.) Something must be put in this field. If you did everything by yourself, put "me" in this field
Notes: (if applicable; such as disclaimers, thank yous, rules of usage for icons, warnings for adult material, etc.)

Icons: (post icons here - under LJ-cut)

¤ 5 0    T H E M E S    W O R D S

These words must be on each of your icons in some way, OR the image and any text must represent the theme words. The words do not have to be the only words on there. You may use the word in a phrase (i.e. "Foreign Beauty" instead of "Beauty"), and use different forms of the word (Ex: For "Beauty," "beautiful" is also acceptable). If you have any questions, please comment in the FAQ post.

01. Beauty
02. Hope
03. Light
04. Dark
05. Vibrant
06. Wings/Fly
07. Smile
08. Crimson
09. Sexy
10. Elegant
11. Reverie
12. Warrior
13. Melody
14. Pure
15. Charm
16. Royalty
17. Sacrifice
18. Family
19. Magic
20. Eternity
21. Embrace
22. Rainbow
23. Sorrow
24. Innocence
25. Dangerous
26. Kawaii
27. Determination
28. Humor
29. Romance
30. Battle
31. Fade
32. Monochrome
33. (In My) Heart
34. Angel
35. Rose(s)
36. Blossom
37. Silly
38. Memories
39. Desolation
40. Secret
41. Glass(es)
42. Smoke
43. Fancy
44. Tranquility
45. Air
46. Weapon
47. Promise
48. Style
49. Solitude
50. Expression

ecatalina - maintainer, banner maker
dizilla - general mod
manga100mod - account all mods and maintainer have access to; generally to post Admin posts and edit claims list
elevation - banner maker
hamsterfactor - banner maker
kamikagushi - banner maker

Want to become a banner maker? Comment here.


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